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Chadhiyana volume 1 cover by jmdesantis Chadhiyana volume 1 cover :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 1 1 Chadhiyana #4 cover by jmdesantis Chadhiyana #4 cover :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 1 0 Chadhiyana #3 cover by jmdesantis Chadhiyana #3 cover :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 2 0 Chadhiyana #2 cover by jmdesantis Chadhiyana #2 cover :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 3 0 Knight Artorias by jmdesantis Knight Artorias :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 4 0 Samus Aran by jmdesantis Samus Aran :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 13 0 Akuma Shadow by jmdesantis Akuma Shadow :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 5 2 Charlie Nash - SF V by jmdesantis Charlie Nash - SF V :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 10 0 Chadhiyana - The Shadow Deepens by jmdesantis Chadhiyana - The Shadow Deepens :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 3 0 Chadhiyana - Let the Fire Rise by jmdesantis Chadhiyana - Let the Fire Rise :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 3 0 Chadhiyana #1 cover by jmdesantis Chadhiyana #1 cover :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 1 2
When You Die?
How will you feel when you die?
Will you laugh or will you cry?
Burned to ash or in the earth?
What’s it to you? What’s it worth?
But have you thought, I wonder?
What’s it like to go under?
Rest in peace, don’t you assume?
Urn placed in a noisy room?
What if your neighbor’s a bore?
Or she has an awful snore?
What if you can still feel pain?
Have an itch or poorly lain?
What if your legs need a stretch?
Read a book or make a sketch?
Fulfill an urge? Take a piss?
How will you cope with all this?
Losing your eyes and your hair?
What about the smell down there?
What if someone kicks your urn?
Covered in mold or a worm?
What if you get tummy groans?
Or a dog digs up your bones?
What if someone likes bone stew?
Uses your ash for a hue?
Makes your marrow into salt?
How will this be made to halt?
So much to consider, yes?
Isn’t it a horrid mess?
You won’t despair this, will you?
Something else you’d rather do?
That’s not the game, don
:iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 0 2
Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows (cover) by jmdesantis Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows (cover) :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 2 4 Chadhiyana Advertisement by jmdesantis Chadhiyana Advertisement :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 3 4 Jon Snow and Ghost commission by jmdesantis Jon Snow and Ghost commission :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 41 0 Behind You by jmdesantis Behind You :iconjmdesantis:jmdesantis 4 0


Prints from various works by writer and artist J. M. DeSantis. Click the PRINTS tab at the TOP of this page to browse the full selection of J. M. DeSantis's prints on deviantART.

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PKMN Chpt 8
~-:Chapter 8:-~
     Scott leads me down the hall of bedrooms, and I can hear a variety of noises.  Mostly pumping music, cheering, and the occasional clinking of glass bottles.  Obviously the Rockets who passed yesterday's trial are taking the opportunity to celebrate.
     "Do they always party like this after an exam? Aren't there any classes they need to be at, or any work that needs to be done?" I ask Scott as we pass an obviously drunk chick being led out of a loud room by a pair of high-fiving guys.
     "It isn't endorsed per-ce, but the admins turn a blind eye as long as they get enough booze or other substances," he responds.
     I shake my head as I continue down the hall, thinking back to all the years spent with my old man, and how the presence of booze meant nothing but pain and abuse for me.
     The hallway bends and reveals d
:iconarafaf:Arafaf 1 2
PKMN Chpt 6
~-:Chapter 6:-~
     "Prepare for trouble."
     I freeze on the path, eyes darting back and forth to find the source of the voice.  The back of the "Advanced Trail" arch is up ahead.  I should be home free.  Believing that I'm just hearing things, I head more deliberately down the path.  
     "And for your defiance, now you can make it double."
     Landing in front of me, a girl in a black and white uniform falls from a tree branch and points a red-and-white orb at me.
     "So, you're the L-17 huh? And here I thought it was just a set up to get me to work harder to get off this trail."
     "I'm sorry? I don't know who you are."  Looking her over, she's not half bad.  Fair skin, light hair.  Sexy look of determination.  But she's not wearing a mask, and on
:iconarafaf:Arafaf 1 2
PKMN Chpt 4
~-:Chapter 4:-~
     Mmmuhh… I slowly drift back to consciousness, to the feeling of water dripping on my face.  I open my eyes and see nothing, just darkness.  I try to wave my hand in front of my face, but my arm's stuck.  I try to move my other hand, but again, nothing.  I try to stand up, but my legs are tied to something… the chair.  I just realized I'm sitting in a chair.  Now I can feel the ropes around each of my legs.  There are ropes across my torso too, keeping my arms at my sides.  I struggle for a bit, but the ropes are so thick that there's no way I can even budge them.  I waste a few minutes trying to wriggle out of the ropes, and even try to tip the chair over so I can at least slide the ropes off my legs, but stop when I hear the *click* of a light switch being pulled, followed by footsteps.  
     "Good afterno
:iconarafaf:Arafaf 2 3
New mask - 'Blindfolded w stitches' by torvenius New mask - 'Blindfolded w stitches' :icontorvenius:torvenius 127 7

Chadhiyana RosyDreams by jmdesantis

We did it! Yesterday evening, Rosarium Publishing (the publisher for my comic, Chadhiyana) reached the goal for their IndieGoGo campaign, the funds of which are, in part, going toward print runs for a number of upcoming books, including the first Chadhiyana trade!

     So, thank you all who have contributed to the campaign. I look forward to bringing you the first Chadhiyana graphic novel, and many more in the future. As a show of thanks, I put this special illustration together today (at the indirect suggestion of one of my fellow Rosarians). It’s likely one of the only times you’ll see Chadhiyana looking this serene.

     For those who missed out on the campaign (and the exclusive Chadhiyana comic that comes with the trade), oddly enough, the campaign still seems to be open. I’m not sure for how long that will last, but if you’d still like to show your support for Chadhiyana, Rosarium and diversity in publishing (plus help push them closer to those stretch goals), just visit the link below. Scroll down to Chadhiyana (in the $20 perk range), click and put in your payment information. Then wait for the release in January!

     Cheers! And thank you all, so much, again!

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  • Playing: Dark Souls III

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J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist of fantasy, horror and humour. He is the creator of Chadhiyana and the author of over thirty stories, comics and artworks. His graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, is currently publishing as a web-comic on


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