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November 15, 2012
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Secret Adventures of Houdini Pin-Up by jmdesantis Secret Adventures of Houdini Pin-Up by jmdesantis
Sumi ink and microns on BlueLine comic board

This is a piece I did some months ago for the upcoming graphic novel, The Secret Adventures of Houdini: Book 1 (from Alterna Comics). The piece was commissioned after the book's writer, Todd Hunt, saw the original painting of The Horror Beyond the Door at my MoCCA Fest table this year (which, if I may brag a bit, he said was one of the best paintings he'd ever seen).

It was a wonderful experience to work with Mr. Hunt and Mr. Sean Von Gorman (the book's artist), and I'm glad they asked me to do this. Since Mr. Hunt loved The Horror Beyond the Door so much, I went with a similar theme, right down to the Lovecraft reference (I read "Entombed with the Pharaohs" years ago and it immediately came to mind). Never mind, I haven't drawn mummies since I was a kid. I was ecstatic to have gotten a chance to draw them again.

"The Secret Adventures of Houdini" is out next week (November 21), and I'll be at the release event at Forbidden Planet in New York City that day. I hope you all pick up a copy. It's a really great read. Cheers!

J. M. DeSantis
Writer - Illustrator

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